Texas Trophy Whitetail Deer Rifle Hunt --- $4950 per hunter per 4 day hunt 
(1 buck limit)

Texas Trophy Whitetail Deer Bow Hunt --- $3950 per hunter per 4 day hunt + $1000 buck kill fee
(1 buck, 2 does, 1 turkey, and 1 hog limit)

Spot and stalk monster trophy whitetail bucks on the legendary 165,000-acre Pitchfork Ranch!!  No high fences here!!

All hunts include free wild hog hunting as opportunity arises.

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One hunter per guide. There are no additional guide or trophy fees.

Pursue the elusive trophy whitetail buck in terrain including dense scrub oak thickets, river bottoms, rugged canyons, crop fields, and food plots.  You and your guide will have exclusive access to several thousand acres of unpressured trophy buck country during the rut.  We only harvest 20 bucks off of ranch each season.   We do require that all bucks taken gross at least 130 B&C.  Our average runs around 150 B&C.  Our largest buck to date grossed 186 typical B&C points.  This means that we are after mature bucks at least 4.5 years old with a "true" inside spread of 20" and at least 8 high quality points.  The Pitchfork Ranch sports a near 1-to-1 buck-to-doe ratio.  The rut normally runs from mid November through mid December.  Mature bucks can weigh well over 200 pounds.  Our bucks have the nutrition available through local forage to produce very good racks.  We use no protein feeders or high fences.  These are real hunts.

We have several food plots, game feeders, tree stands, and tripod stands placed in strategic positions but most of our hunts will involve glassing and stalking drainages, oak, mesquite, and cedar thickets.  This spot and stalk technique is very exciting as well as very productive.   Bowhunters will hunt primarily from ground blinds or tripods near oak thickets or natural funnels near food plots.  

Lodging, meals, ranch transportation, and game preparation and refrigeration are included. 

Fall archery season:  October
Fall general season:  November through early January

Doe-only hunts may be available at the rate of $350 per hunter per day + $225 per guide per day.  All hunts require a guide and each guide can accommodate up to 2 hunters.  Meals are provided but no lodging is included in hunt cost.  Management buck hunts are $2950 for a 2-day hunt with no additional guide fee and includes 2-does limit, lodging and meals.  A management buck is a mature "cull" buck with inferior traits as determined by Mesquite Country Outfitters and the hunter must shoot the first management buck indicated by his/her guide. 

Please visit our Terms and Conditions  page for a detailed description of additional services provided. 

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